Quality Policy

Quality Policy

CD055 v7 | Issue Date: 26/03/2024

It is our objective to only market and support products and services of quality that will merit and earn
customer satisfaction by performing or exceeding customer expectations reliably and effectively.

AMI-CON will only commit to supplying products and services from companies which hold the relevant
quality approvals and quality management systems required by our customers and as set out in our
Quality Manual.

Continued investment in both systems and production facilities, in conjunction with the long-term
extensions to key distribution agreements will prove instrumental as part of our continuous improvement
objective. Further to this investment and commitment AMI-CON will continue to maintain our
accreditations to; ISO 9001:2015 & EN 9120:2018. This objective will enable AMI-CON to continue to
deliver a complete service to the highest quality standard with the approval to supply primes and tier
1’s within the aerospace and defence sectors for both the manufacture & distribution of products and

AMI-CON shall make known this policy to all employees ensuring they are aware of its importance and
that we, the company, will continue to monitor our ability to carry out and meet the system requirements
and company objectives, as laid out in our Quality Manual.