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Health And Safety Policy

Health And Safety Policy

CD017 v4 | Issue Date: 26/03/2024

AMI-CON Supplies Ltd is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all employees and to ensure the safety of clients, visitors, neighbours, and all other persons in contact with our business.

In recognition of the company’s vision the management accept:

  • The responsibility to lead the commitment of the company in providing for the Health and Safety of our employees and our environment at all times.
  • All company developments and decisions adequately reflect its Health and Safety intentions as outlined in this policy.
  • The need to actively encourage, support and participate in Health and Safety improvements from employees.
  • To be aware of Health and Safety risk management issues. AMI-CON Supplies Ltd is committed to:
  • Reducing the incidence of personal injury, occupational illness and striving to create an accident-free environment.
  • Minimising loss caused by near misses, fire and our everyday activities.
  • Providing staff induction and training in order to raise awareness, maintain competency and increase the knowledge at all levels.
  • Ensuring adequate resources and funding are available to improve Health and Safety.
  • Encouraging and supporting all employees in safety issue resolutions.

As a minimum, we will comply with all relevant Health and Safety Legislation; in addition, we will strive towards excellence through continuous improvement initiatives.

It is essential that every employee recognise their duty to co-operate with our policy, to work safely and to prevent others from being exposed to unnecessary risk. To this end, safe working practices are not separable from normal working practices, and all employees should commit to all reasonable caution being exercised in undertaking their work.

The Management will take all reasonable steps to ensure that employees work within a safe environment and will consider views, feedback, and suggestions of all employees where Health and Safety can be improved.

This policy will be formally reviewed to meet any changes to legislation, and these will be implemented across the business.