AMI-CON have partnered with Vosschemie GmbH, one of the leading suppliers within the refinishing market.

CARSYSTEM is a trademark of Vosschemie GmbH which was established in 1994 aimed at the professional bodywork and coating sector. They have developed a range of Clear polyester filling compounds for body repairs which are user friendly with a high quality finish.

AMI-CON currently supplies the following finishing system:

– Carbo Putty Filler – clear polyester filler used for smaller surface areas, UV resistant and ideal for filling dry areas and component porosity on visual carbon components.

– Carbo Spray Filler Primer – clear polyester filler used for larger surface areas requiring a spray gun, UV resistant, ideal for smaller pinholes and expected defects.

– Carbo UV Clear – ideal to fill pinholes, cures in less than 20 seconds.

– 2K Carbo Clear Plus – acrylic high gloss lacquer, approved by major automotive OEMs.

Why use this system?

Approved by major OEM’s, reduces processing time AND cost on component scrap!

(Samples, on-site training and demos available upon request).

Please contact our Technical experts on 01322 224726 for further information.

Published 02/10/2018