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Counterfeit Policy

Counterfeit Policy

CD093 v5 | Issue Date: 27/03/2024

AMI-CON ensures that all parts supplied through the QMS are not counterfeit and are original bonafide
materials. This is done using the following processes and measures.


  • Relevant training is given to all staff who deal with duties related to ‘new supplier set up’, ‘new
    product set up’, booking in of goods and final inspection/dispatch. Authorised signatories
    undertake a rigorous training program and only become authorised and issued an inspection
    stamp upon completing an error free induction period, measured, and monitored via the internal
    Near Miss Incident Log – D013
    All potential suppliers are duly required to complete a CF004 ‘Supplier Quality Assurance
    Questionnaire (SQAQ)’, where within the document at section 11 the following statement and
    request are made: (This information is captured and controlled within Merlin within ‘supplier
    maintenance’- user page 1 and ensures that the supplier and therefore the parts procured from
    said supplier are controlled to ensure compliance and release to the relevant quality statement
    and to reduce the opportunity of counterfeit parts being supplied and to ensure that downstreamreporting of any potential obsolesces is adopted).
  • Full batch traceability and product conformity is controlled for all, based on product rating
    criteria Level A, C and U materials. Refer to Sections 8.5.1 and 8.5.2 of the Quality Manual.
  • Verification of non-counterfeit products and materials is also conducted, where applicable at
    the point of receiving the goods by means of verifying the material has met the requirements to
    conform to the manufactures internal production specification documented on the certificate of
    conformity (viscosity profile, lap sheer results, shore hardness, dimensions where applicable
    etc.). Once verified as conforming the C of A is stamped by the inspector scanned and filled. If
    an issue is discovered the operative proceeds to send the supplier a CF052 – Supplier
    Discrepancy Form and then moves to the supplier returns procedure, if necessary.
  • Any identified non-conformance to requirements of the purchase order, packaging, labeling and
    specification should be queried with the supplier immediately using CF052 – Supplier
    Discrepancy form and the product/ material should be quarantined until such time the
    discrepancy has been resolved or the material rejected.
  • Any suspected counterfeit materials or parts are immediately quarantined and dealt with as
    illustrated in process flow 11.4.4 – Disposition of non-conforming Product (CD079) and 11.2.2
    – Product Recall (CD071) (Refer to SOP057).

AMI-CON have put together procedures and controlled documents to prevent suspected unapproved

  • CD051: Product Quality Approval Process Flow
  • CD052: Product Quality Approval Criteria
  • SOP051: Control of Non-Conforming Product
  • CD093 v5 | Issue Date: 27/03/2024

These procedures are followed by the employees if product(s) requirement(s) are not met. The outputs
of this procedure are inputted either to customer complaint log (D011), supplier complaint log (D012) or
near miss log (D013).

All employees are to report non-conformances when they are encountered. A member of the Quality
Department would investigate reported non-conformances and analyse and implement corrective
actions, as required. The Quality Manager will ensure that non-conformances are logged, determine
the root cause and long-term corrective action during the monthly meeting with the help of senior