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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Issue date: 12th March 2020

We have been closely monitoring the outbreak of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and pro-actively managing our stock levels to help minimise any adverse impact on the supply chain.

We have communicated with our key suppliers to ensure that they have a contingency plan in place should the spread of the virus continue to increase and informed all of our customers where potential supply disruptions may arise. It is advisable that all parties involved within the supply chain increase their stock holdings in the UK in case an event should arises where couriers suspend their services to and from affected countries.

Most suppliers do not anticipate any disruption, however in case of raw material shortages they have advised that alternative or multi-source strategies are being put in place. Suppliers based in Italy have made assurances that all staff have been instructed not to travel or be in contact with individuals that reside within “locked-down” areas and to adhere to company-imposed measures relating to the containment and non-transfer of the virus.

It is our utmost priority to ensure the welfare of all our employees, customers and suppliers, therefore we have taken the following actions with immediate effect:

- Limiting visitors to our sites in Dartford and Silverstone.

- Where meetings are deemed essential, hand shaking, and physical contact is politely declined. All other health measures relating to the containment and non-transfer of the virus is strictly adhered to.

- Employees or any of their family members experiencing respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties must contact 111 and seek medical advice before returning to work.

- Respectfully decline shaking hands with colleagues. - All visitors arriving on site, including delivery drivers, are to be asked if they have travelled abroad to any of the risk countries in the last 14 days. In the event a person has visited a highrisk country, they are to be asked to wait outside the premises.

- Paperwork from overseas drivers are to be collected by employees wearing protective disposable gloves and placed in a sealed bag. Used gloves must be disposed of immediately.

- Alcohol based hand sanitisers have been made available to staff and are being encouraged to be used regularly.

We will keep our employees and customers informed of any further updates and we will keep in close contact with our suppliers to obtain periodic updates.

Kind regards,

AMI-CON Supplies Ltd

Published 19/03/2020


AMI-CON is pleased to announce that in addition to successfully transitioning to the latest ISO9001:2015 standard (Certificate number FS59601), AMI-CON also boasts multiple site certification to both:

EN 9120:2018 rev B (Certificate number FS681514-1)
Quality assurance in stockholding and distribution of Aerospace/Defence parts.

EN 9100:2018 rev D (Certificate number FS681514-2)
Production of kits of parts (including but not exclusive to) the cutting and conversion of: pre-impregnated reinforced composite, film adhesives and core materials with and without LOT traceability.

AMI-CON is extremely proud to have attained these quality standards as a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement on all areas of the business.

Certificates are available to download here:

Published 18/10/2018


CIT have launched a new material suitable for Out of Clave and Hot Press applications.

This material is available in an array of weaves such as Twill, UD and Glass with the following unique properties:

- Excellent surface finish and handling

- Minimum cure temperature of 70°C

- Maximum service temperature of 147°C

- Over 40 days outlife at room temperature

Currently the following material is available Ex Stock from our Silverstone depot in smaller roll sizes:

EY440 45% 3K T300 240gms 2x2T CC245

(Samples and Technical support available upon request)

Please contact the Sales team on 01322 224726 for further information.

Published 02/10/2018


AMI-CON have partnered with Vosschemie GmbH, one of the leading suppliers within the refinishing market.

CARSYSTEM is a trademark of Vosschemie GmbH which was established in 1994 aimed at the professional bodywork and coating sector. They have developed a range of Clear polyester filling compounds for body repairs which are user friendly with a high quality finish.

AMI-CON currently supplies the following finishing system:

- Carbo Putty Filler - clear polyester filler used for smaller surface areas, UV resistant and ideal for filling dry areas and component porosity on visual carbon components.

- Carbo Spray Filler Primer - clear polyester filler used for larger surface areas requiring a spray gun, UV resistant, ideal for smaller pinholes and expected defects.

- Carbo UV Clear - ideal to fill pinholes, cures in less than 20 seconds.

- 2K Carbo Clear Plus - acrylic high gloss lacquer, approved by major automotive OEMs.

Why use this system?

Approved by major OEM's, reduces processing time AND cost on component scrap!

(Samples, on-site training and demos available upon request).

Please contact our Technical experts on 01322 224726 for further information.

Published 02/10/2018

3M Bracket Bonding Adhesive

AMI-CON is pleased to stock 3M's revolutionary new bracket-bonding adhesive that instantly holds brackets, mounts, studs and standoffs in place with no sag, no mess and no installation fixtures required!

This two-part structural paste adhesive has the following properties:
• Safe - Low-flow adhesive
• Fast - Cures within 90 minutes to handling strength
• Strong - Excellent shear and peel strength
• Neat - Easy-to-use cartridges

Qualified to IPS 10-04-011-04 and AIPI 07-01-017.

Please contact our Sales team for further information.

Published 06/06/2017