Quality Assurance Policy

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AMI-CON Supplies Ltd’s objective is to only market products of quality that will merit and earn customer satisfaction by performing expected functions reliably and effectively in accordance with customer expectations.

In support of this objective, AMI-CON continually strives to be proactive in all aspects related to quality and system improvements.

The importance of Quality Assurance is at the heart of AMI-CON’s ethos; all products are purchased from suppliers that have been qualified and goods are inspected in line with our robust and thorough procedures, to ensure the quality of the products and overall service are of the highest standards possible.

AMI-CON is committed to:

It is understood and embraced that our high quality standard is not just applied to the product but also to our service level, ensuring; the right product , right pack size, right price, right delivery ethic every time an order is placed.

The Management will take all reasonable steps to ensure that employees are aware of the importance of this policy and adhere to it at all times.   It is essential that every employee recognise his or her duty to uphold and conform to this policy. This is communicated to all new employees and reinforced with on-going staff training.

Employee feedback is taken into consideration and any viable suggestions where the Quality Assurance policy can be improved; will be applied throughout the business.

This policy will be formally reviewed by monitoring all aspects of the business and any corrective and preventative actions deemed necessary will be implemented.

We are fully approved to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Certificate No. FS 59601.


This is an account of the Quality Management System as operated by AMI-CON Supplies Ltd.

It deals with all facets of the company organisation, inspection and procedures for the processing of customer orders/AMI-CON Purchase orders, sales prospecting, through to despatch/receipt.  The standard to which the system is designed is to comply with BS EN ISO 9001:2008 for Stockists of Assessed Capability. Products and services are supplied or made available to Level A for Quality Assured Material with Source Lot Traceability and Level C for Quality Assured Product without Lot Traceability (Commercial).