environmental policy

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AMI-CON Supplies Ltd is committed to meet and exceed the obligations imposed by environmental legislation.

The management recognise that the company’s activities have an impact on the environment. Therefore, we take the necessary actions to ensure we limit the effect as much as possible, by enforcing high environmental standards in all our activities, improving efficiency and we aspire to meet the requirements of ISO 14001 standard.

The company is committed to:

As a minimum, we will comply with all relevant environmental legislation; in addition, we will strive towards excellence through continuous improvement initiatives.

It is essential that every employee recognises that it is his or her duty to uphold and conform to this policy. This is communicated to all new employees and reinforced with on-going staff training.

The management will take all reasonable steps to ensure that employees work within this ethic and will consider views, feedback and suggestions of all employees where the environmental policy can be improved upon.

This policy will be formally reviewed in order to meet any changes to legislation and these will be implemented across the business.

Mr P. Palmer - Managing Director
30th November 2012